Posted by: Christine Johnson | May 25, 2006

More About Mantillas

AdoroTeDevote has a wonderful story about why she wears a mantilla.

By the way, I have seen women with mantillas at the various parishes I’ve attended. There was a woman at my old parish who wore it very matter-of-factly, and there is a woman at a local parish who does the same. (I go there for Mass on First Fridays frequently.) There is also a woman at my own parish who has started to wear one, but her demeanor during Mass is completely distracting. I sat behind her when a child was receiving First Communion and she was freaking out (muttering under her breath loudly) that the child received in his hand and then freaked out further when he received the Precious Blood. Then she switched lines so as to receive from the priest only (which I suppose isn’t that bad). She was also kneeling early a lot, and then she left Mass before the last song was over. Now, when I see her (can’t miss her with the mantilla), I be sure to sit far away from her, especially as our parish continues to celebrate First Communions. I’m fine with her wearing the mantilla – it’s not at all distracting to me! – but I can’t concentrate with her muttering and all the other stuff. I have enough trouble focusing as it is!

With all this discussion, though, the mantilla is more appealing to me, especially after reading Adoro’s post.



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