Posted by: Christine Johnson | May 26, 2006

And Now for a Commercial Break…

My sidebar has gotten L…O…N…G lately, so I know you probably didn’t notice it, but I have something new over there. Well, a couple of them, actually. First, and most important to the fellow papists, would be the links to Aquinas and More. There are pretty pictures of their top-selling items, as well as a link under “shopping” down near the bottom of the sidebar. I’m partnering with them, so if you’re going over to Aquainas and More (a store I use a lot and highly recommend), please click on one of those links. I do get a small bonus for it, and it would really help us with expenses if some nice people clicked here and then bought there. If you homeschool, and especially if you are putting together your own curriculum (like I am starting to do this summer), Aquinas is a great place for you. They even have a section for homeschoolers on their site! Awesome!

Also, I have added a link to, too. Hubby is the bigger coffee drinker around here, though he’s getting me hooked on flavored coffee, too. But I get credit towards a nice Father’s Day gift of coffee if you click here and then buy there.

And, finally, there are other links under shopping…Advance Auto Parts, which is the company my dearest husband works for. When you need a battery…they are the place to go! (See, now, I’ll get bonus points from him for that!) And there is Quixtar, which I can give more information out via e-mail if you’d like. We are independent business owners with them, so if you look around there and like anything, drop me a line and I’ll give you our IBO number so we get a bit of credit when you buy anything. (Great vitamins, very nice make-up…you name it, it’s probably at the site.)

Okay, we now return you to our regularly scheduled program.



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