Posted by: Christine Johnson | May 26, 2006

Parish Bulliten Reveals that Parish is Catholic

The Cafeteria Is Closed has a snippett of a parish bulliten at his site. Check this out!

Please Note: At St. William Church here in Greenville, over the last few months the Sunday readings have included the prayers for the Mass from the Roman Missal. The Latin original has been provided along with the prayers as they were translated in the 1974 Roman Missal in Enlish, along with a second translation with is a word by word, literal translation of the original Latin prayer. The Latin original and the literal translation are often times so incredibly different. Many have noticed the wide divergence.Below you will find a letter from the President of the Conference of the American Bishops to Rome. Essentially the US Bishops were asking for permission to continue using inferior English translations from the Latin because we have all gotten accustomed to these now too familiar “bad” translations.The reply from Rome is always as it should be and what follows is my own paraphrase of Cardinal Arinze’s: “No! We always use only the very BEST when we are treating anything having to do with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.” This principle would also include the “BEST” translations possible for prayers used during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Father Paul

I have to say that this is really awesome! My parish doesn’t even HAVE missals or song books. Let’s hope that when they re-do the Mass (properly), we invest in some. Those St. Joseph ones only cost about $3 each. My grandmother’s parish uses them. I don’t see why we couldn’t do that, and offset the cost for the parish by having families donate them. (My old parish in Florida was buying new hymnals that were $30 each. They asked families to donate them and gave each donor a nameplate in a book with their dedication. We donated one in honor of my grandfather, who was a wonderful, quiet example of the Christian faith.)



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