Posted by: Christine Johnson | June 5, 2006

Tiny Violins Play "My Heart Bleeds for You"

JunkYardBlog talks about how President Bush made a woman have an abortion. Yeah. Really. Oh, well, not really. She decided she didn’t want another baby (she has two children in elementary school), she’s 42, she’s taking a medication that might hurt the baby, blah blah blah. So, when she had sex with her husband (aparently while fertile), she obviously wanted to take “Plan B” (which aborts not-yet-implanted embryos – it cannot prevent pregnancy if fertilization has occurred, since fertilization is the beginning of pregnancy). I mean, it’s just the responsible thing to do, right? Get it quick, nip it in the bud…all that.

Well, her doctor doesn’t prescribe it. Period. In Virginia, doctors are not required to go against their consciences, so if your doctor views abortion and birth control as the mortal sins they are, then he isn’t required to give you a prescription for either – and he’s also not required to tell you who DOES, even though pretty much everyone knows that Planned Parenthood hands out that stuff like candy.

So she decided to Wait and See. And she Saw a positive pregnancy test. So she did the next responsible thing, which is to (of course) kill – oh, sorry, that should read abort the baby…I mean, fetus. (Golly, I’ve got to get my terminology straight!)

Yeah, we’re supposed to feel sorry for her, not the baby and not the siblings who have just lost out on having a younger brother or sister. (Never mind all the other younger siblings who they miss out on just due to birth control.)

I think one of my favorite parts of the post, though, is this (which is near the end):

Hat tip to libertarian Doug Bandow who takes the simpering, wretched Dana L. to the woodshed. Noting that she said she felt like a “pariah” as she called up doctors looking for one to vacuum the infant from fer cervix, Bandow responds:

As for the abortion, you should feel like a pariah when scheduling one.

Hat tip: Dawn Eden



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