Posted by: Christine Johnson | June 7, 2006

Prayer Offering My Suffering To God

A Catholic Mom in Hawaii has a prayer up (her source is Suffering in Holiness) that brought tears to my eyes. When I was pregnant, I did not think to offer up my sufferings at the time. Lately, I’ve felt real sorrow that I did not do so. But this prayer reminded me that God is not bound by time, and I can offer it up now, even though it’s five and eight years after the fact.

Here’s the prayer.

O Most Loving God,

I thank You for all that You have done for me and those whom I love, including the most holy and redemptive suffering in the Jesus’ passion.

I offer up all my sufferings, past, current and future, the large and the small, everyone of them to You in love for my good and the good of the world.

I ask that You bless my sufferings, curing those that You want cured and helping me bear in holiness those sufferings that I endure.

Help me to understand what Your will is for me about Suffering.

I give myself to You, mind, body, and soul. May everything I do always glorify You.




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