Posted by: Christine Johnson | June 8, 2006

Another CINO

Planned Parenthood endorses Murphy

Here’s the opener for the above-mentioned story:

Patrick Murphy is an abortion rights Congressional candidate and a practicing Catholic.

He doesn’t see a dilemma in that.

Well, as far as I know, the Church sees a dilemma in that, and I believe that is what counts.

In Esther’s post about article that Father John Corapi wrote, we can learn more about conscience (the oft-cited reason that so-called Catholics give when they say they support abortion or abortion-supporting candidates):

The lay faithful are the front-line troops in the never ending moral combat to promote the true and the good. One of the most erroneous and subtly dangerous ideas ever is that somehow our religion and any and everything else in life should remain separate. A Catholic must live, witness, and, yes, vote, a well-formed Catholic conscience. The Second Vatican Council’s 16 major documents refer to “conscience” 72 times, but never without a modifying term: “well-formed conscience,” “mal-formed conscience”, etc. As Catholics we have a serious moral obligation to form our consciences in accord with the objective and absolute norm of truth–that is, church teaching. This is quite simply another way of saying “put on the mind of Christ.” One of the primary reasons that our country has largely become a moral wasteland is that we Catholics have done a dismally poor job of both forming our consciences and then living, teaching, and voting in accordance with them.

Abortion, artificial contraception, pornography, and all types of disordered lifestyles–which are not “alternative,” but rather humanly and morally degenerative and destructive, could never exist in this once great country if the Catholic lay faithful were witnessing their faith powerfully and without compromise. This is never an excuse for persecution of any group, yet love desires what is best for the beloved–and this can never be immoral behavior.

Morality is not a subjective construct. Rather, it is inscribed in the heart and mind of every person. It is our business to accept our noble and holy lot as persons, and to act in accord with nature, not rebel against it. We run the risk today in our once largely Christian country of falling into that class of idolaters which St. Paul bitterly denounced because of their refusal to worship God and accept his teaching, despite their knowledge of him (See Romans 1:20-27).

Can I hear an AMEN from the congregation?



  1. Very good article….or should i say “TRUTH”From the lay faithfull socker MOM…you should write a book.


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