Posted by: Christine Johnson | June 15, 2006

Reason #130,292,003 That I Homeschool

The Cafeteria Is Closed has posted a report from LifeSite News about a boy being beaten because of his father’s insistence that his son not be taught in his public school first grade class that homosexuality is good. I’ll comment within the article.

LifeSite News reports:

On May 17—the two-year anniversary of same-sex “marriage” in Massachusetts—the first-grade son of a prominent pro-family advocate was dragged and beaten behind the Estabrook Elementary School in Lexington during recess, receiving multiple blows to the chest, stomach, and genital area. [I can’t believe the kid’s still in that public school!]

Jacob Parker, the 7-year-old who was attacked, is the son of David Parker. readers will recall that David Parker objected to homosexual curriculum in his son’s kindergarten class. At a meeting with the principal of the school last year Parker requested that the school inform him of when homosexual discussions would take place, so he could exclude his son from the activity. The principal refused and Parker said he would not leave until his request was granted. School administration called the police and had Parker charged with trespassing.

The school system has since continued to refuse to notify parents of such material being presented in class. On April 27, 2006, Parker, his wife, and another family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the school system.

According to Mr. Parker, school authorities determined from an investigation into the assault that the beating was indeed planned and premeditated.

Mr. Parker described the incident at the school saying:

“During the recess period, a group of 8-10 kids suddenly surrounded Jacob and grabbed him. He was taken around the corner of the school building out of sight of the patrolling aides, with the taunting and encouragement of other kids. Jacob was then positioned against the wall for what appeared to be a well planned and coordinated assault.”

According to Parker, his son related that one student in particular performed the actual physical assault while, “many children stood, watched silently, and did nothing as the beating commenced.” [This is really sickening. It’s indicitive of the herd mentality that children learn in public school. I mean, we all see what happened to Jacob’s dad when he spoke up – he was almost arrested. If I speak up, I’ll get this or worse. And I’m told by some people that my kids need to go to public school to socialize? Is this what kind of social skills my girls would learn? No, thank you. I’d rather have social retards than have them learn this, or even experience SEEING this kind of thing.]

“The group of kids surrounded Jacob and he was beaten and punched. Then, as he fell to the ground, another child was heard saying to the group of children, ‘Now you all can finish him off,’ and as he was down on his hands and knees, the beating continued on his back. Then, fortunately, one little girl ran to contact the oblivious playground aides to stop it.

“Four of the attackers were from Jacob’s first-grade class; the others were from other classes at Estabrook.

“The teachers’ aide apparently determined that since she could not see external bleeding, and since Jacob apparently was not hit in the face, she did not send him to she school nurse.” The family was immediately notified of the incident. [Idiot woman. The child was BEATEN, and she didn’t send him to the school nurse!?]

Speaking to LifeSiteNews, Parker speculated that the cause of the attack is most likely what he called “displaced aggression.” “If children hear venomous things from their parents, the children do internalize this,” he said.

“I certainly don’t want to vilify the children in this,” he said. “We understand that skirmishes happen on the playground. It’s taking the child around out of view of the aides, and the number of children that stood around watching that concerns us.” [You know what? I DO vilify the children, though I lay a lot of blame on their parents, as well. They are victims of Original Sin, just like you and me. And because few children are taught about this sinful nature – “You are just a child, so it’s okay; you didn’t know that was wrong” – they grow up with little awareness that they are responsible for their actions. And the children who stood by and did nothing are guilty, too. If my girls stood by and watched while a group of children beat up one child, I’d be furious with them. They’d probably get punished for doing nothing. And you know what else? I am exceedingly careful about what I discuss in detail in front of my kids. When I am angry at someone who might be in a position of authority in their lives, I try to say nothing specific in front of them. Some people have no qualms about filling their kids in on every tiny detail of what goes through their heads.]

Parker noted that his conflict with the school over homosexuality is well known among the students. “We are aware that the school administration sent notices home with all the young children concerning the Parker arrest, the ‘King and King’ incident and the federal lawsuit,” he said. “They must know that the children read them.” [Would a little postage kill them? I mean, the note being sent with the kids had to be deliberate on the part of the administration. I agree – they know the kids read those notes.]

He pointed out that the date of the attack–the two year aniversary of same-sex “marriage” in Massachusetts–cannot be a coincidence. [And this is why I lay blame on the parents, too. They are teaching their children to be this cruel. The kids are culpable, and – probably moreso – the parents are, too.]

The topic of Parker’s beliefs has become so widespread among the students that Jacob says he overheard his fellow classmates ruminating that perhaps their current principle—who has resigned her position to take up a job elsewhere—was leaving the job because of Jacob’s father. Members of the community itself have organized public demonstrations specifically against Parker, in which their children have taken part. One of these demonstrations is pictured on the right. [It was on the right at the site. You can see it here.] While prominently displayed in the student library are the back issues of the Lexington Minuteman that specifically deal with Parker’s case, for the children to read. [Nice. Way to foster unity among the student body.]

“We’re trying to be patient and tolerant,” said Parker when asked if he was considering pulling his son out of the school. “We’re trying to hang on to the notion that the schools are for every child and for everyone. I don’t feel that we should have to leave for an injustice.”

But he added that “There are limits to how much patience we can have. I certainly understand why more and more parents are pulling their children out of public schools.” [And what are your limits, sir? How many children have to beat the crap out of your boy before you pull him? Seriously. I have two words for you, folks. Home. School. This is only going to get worse. Pulling him out is not giving in, but PROTECTING him. Don’t use your kid and jeopardize his safety just to make a point. Isn’t he more important than that?]

Ironically, the school prides itself on its long-time involvement in various “Safe School” programs, which are geared to creating school environments “safe” for students who are homosexual. [IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL??? Lord, have mercy!]

Parker asked, “Isn’t the school supposed to be addressing safety and preventing bullying and violence? Or are such programs only focused on children with homosexual parents? You can be certain that if this happened to a child with homosexual parents more would be made of this and that ‘lessons’ teaching tolerance and diversity of homosexual behavior normalization would be forced upon the young children.” [That’s for sure! But, you know, we Christians – especially white ones – are the oppressors. We’ve always been so. Don’t you read Dan Brown’s work?]

The school and larger community are deeply divided over the Parker’s stand against pro-homosexual indoctrination. A group has been formed in Lexington to counter Parker’s efforts. The ‘Lexington Cares’ group maintains an anti-Parker website and has conducted anti-Parker letter writing campaigns and demonstrations.


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