Posted by: Christine Johnson | June 15, 2006

Was I Supposed to be Happy?

When I heard it, I was relieved, but at the same time, I prayed for mercy on his soul, even if it was a bit half-heartedly. I was really unsure about what my reaction is supposed to be to hear that Zarqawi being killed. The basic, human side of me thought, “Good! We got him!” But what is a Christian to do?

Father Jonathan Morris wrote about it a bit in Zarqawi Is Dead. Should We Rejoice?, found at FOX Fan Central. It’s pretty balanced, as far as I’m concerned, and deals with the exact thoughts I was having. Here’s a sampling, though I did have to edit even this much so as not to give it all away. (So go there to read it all.)

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead. Should we rejoice?

He was an evil man. He did terrible things and he openly induced others to follow his murderous ways. Because he lived, many others are dead.

Now, he’s dead. Should we rejoice?

…He no longer has vision. Should we rejoice?

…The prince no longer lives. Should we rejoice?

Almost everything in me says yes. But the affirmative answer comes to my mouth so quickly and passionately I know I must stop and think: Why am I pleased? Where does this emotion come from? It comes, of course, from my heart.



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