Posted by: Christine Johnson | June 24, 2006

Weekly Sports Update

This week was Big Girl’s first T-Ball game of the season, and she was pumped up for it! So were Daddy and I, since we sat through two straight soccer seasons without a single win and only one goal for her team.

Last year, the coach for the team was nice, but didn’t seem to have a lot of direction for the children, many of whom were playing for the first time. I think he coached because his own little girl was trying sports out, but she did not have much fun or skill, so they aren’t playing this year. (Kind of like when hubby and I were the team parents for Little Girl’s soccer team. No sports talents, no enthusiasm for it.)

But this year, she has a new T-Ball coach and a lot of kids that can smack that ball pretty far off the tee. So we were pretty hopeful when we arrived at the game.

On the opposing team are five children in our Catholic homeschool co-op, which was strange. I wanted Big Girl to win, but I felt funny if I tried to talk trash to the other team. Okay, so I wouldn’t really talk trash, but I think it a lot. Except for when so many kids I know are on the other team. 😉

Well, below you will see the picture of the final score. In case you are wondering, Big Girl’s team is called the Flames. (The outs/inning stuff had just been put up for the baseball teams that would be taking the field minutes after our exit, in case you are wondering.)


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