Posted by: Christine Johnson | June 27, 2006

General and Misc. Annoyances

So for the second day in a row, the girls and I are fighting off some cold. It’s kicking my butt, folks. I’m spent. I’m about to go upstairs and snooze on the couch while Little Girl watches a movie. (Big Girl is at the science center with her friend at a Girl Scout day camp; they are learning about astronomy.)

But I still brought Little Girl to Sears for her birthday pictures this morning. On the way home, I needed to stop by CVS for my prescription (Synthroid) and a refill of the OTC decongestant for me. Oh, yeah, and for another bottle of Triaminic stuff for the kids. I can only find little bottles of the stuff these days, and I am going through it quickly since I’m giving it to two children at a time.

So I get off the highway on the way back from town only to discover that the main road through town (Main Street, actually) is closed. Flooded. So I decide to take a backroad and get on Main Street a little farther down and closer to CVS. No dice. There is a ten-foot-wide river swooshing across the backroad that I must cross in order to get where I want to go. I turn back and go back on the highway to head three miles up and off the next exit. I get back to Main and barely to CVS. The street is closed from CVS on through town. By this time, I would normally have already been home even after a stop at the store to pick up the drugs. Poor Little Girl is starting to get very hungry, and I give her a pack of raisins I have in the car from a day trip the other day. Considering she wanted a sandwich, this isn’t really helpful. But it’s something.

I go into CVS. (Did I mention I have lost my umbrella?) I start searching for the generic brand of Sudafed that I like (multi-symptom stuff – orange gelcaps) and bottles of Triaminic for the kids. There are cards hanging on the shelf where the decongestants used to be. Crud. I have to get it from the pharmacist. I’m feeling hungry and woozy and pretty much like crap. Little Girl has her umbrella and is trying to toss it into the air and catch it as it spins. Not the best thing to do in CVS, mind you. I ask her to stop. I wind up yelling at her after two more requests. *sigh* I apologize and explain why it’s bad to do that. I also threaten to whack her on the rear end. This combination compells her to stop it.

I finally figure out which decongestant I like and where the stupid card is and then I go off to where the Triaminic usually is. It’s not there. DANG! I have to get a card for THAT, too, so the pharmacist can be sure I am not going to make meth with it or something. This is so ridiculous!!!

I find the card for the girls’ decongestant and realize that I cannot get a bottle bigger than 4 ounces. They just flat out don’t make it any more. So if they are sick for more than three days, I’m back at the store to buy more. *sigh*

I bring back my two cards and the pharmacist has to find my stuff for me. She digs up my prescription, as well, and then starts to write down information in a book. A special white notebook. I am grouchy, but apologize to her because I know it’s not her fault. She then says, “I am so sorry, but they aren’t going to let me ring up both of the OTC stuff. I can only sell you one.” The girls have half a bottle of Triaminic at home, so I opt to get my stuff (so I can function). I’ll probably be back in two days for more. Then I have to provide my DRIVER’S LICENSE and SIGN THE BOOK just to get decongestant!

I say to the woman, “What on earth will my friends with six and seven kids do if they all come down with a cold at the same time?” And then, “You must really find it insulting that you can’t just use your best judgement as to whether or not I’m going to make drugs with this stuff, huh?”

“Yes,” she answers me, “it is pretty insulting. I’m not allowed to use my own judgement at all for this.” This woman is a trained professional. She went to college for years to do this job, and she can’t sell me adult and children’s decongestant on the same day. Thank God I didn’t really need it all today.

I pay for my drugs and wish her goodbye. She tells me to be safe in the rain and be careful of the flooding that is all about town (especially with Little Girl with me).

Back in the car, we pray to our guardian angels and start for home. Unfortunately, we have to go back onto the highway because there is no other way home. We wind up going 5 miles past our exit so we can get onto Main on the other side of town. At this point, our exit is actually closed, and there are police cars and flashing lights and stuff to keep us on the highway. After 1 1/2 hours, we finally get home and are able to make lunch.

It’s been a long day, and this rain is supposed to keep up until the weekend. Ugh!



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