Posted by: Christine Johnson | July 11, 2006

Theory on Women’s Ordinations (Protestant)

I was thinking about women being ordained ministers in Protestant denominations, especially since my encounter with the Episcopal Church that has a woman priest whom they call “Mother” so and so.

I thought about how I, at first, thought of nuns when I saw that, and then realized that it was the female priest (priestess, if you will).

So I wondered why women have been being ordained in Protestant denominations for so many years, and I think I have an idea, though I admit it’s just a theory.

In the Catholic Faith, a woman who wishes to live her life in service of God can become a nun.

In Protestant religions (until they started ordaining them as ministers), women who wished to live a life in total service of God had nothing.

Of course, as Catholics, we also understand that each of us has a vocation, and that if I live my life well as a wife and mother, I have lived my life in total service of God in the manner He desired for me. Not being a sister or a priest does not mean that my life is any less of a vocation, or that I have any less oportunity to serve the Lord. It just means that I serve Him differently.

Just as the Blessed Virgin Mary served Him as Mother (not priest), so do all mothers in the world. Is my vocation somehow not good enough? Was Mary’s?

And anyone should know that equal does not mean the same. So different is fine. (Remember that blurring differences is a tactic of the Devil!)



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