Posted by: Christine Johnson | July 13, 2006

Update on Regina Doman

A lot of people have blogged about this. They have WAY more readers than I, so I didn’t say anything much, but have been offering prayers whenever I think of it. (And, since Angel in the Waters is on my end table in the living room, it’s often.) But today, Esther pointed out that Danielle Bean has an update on the wake of Regina’s son, Joshua. Please head over to read the entire entry, but first, I wanted to point out this part, which is amazing to me. I don’t know how strong I’d be if such a thing happened to me. My faith might not even be as big as a mustard seed yet.

…Then Regina gave her eulogy. It was beautiful. And her strength was transforming for me. I can not get over her witness of faith and strength. …

Please go read the rest. There is an answer to the question that many have asked themselves: “How can I help?”

And please continue to keep them in your prayers.



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