Posted by: Christine Johnson | July 13, 2006

You and Your Silly Kaaaaaaaa—-niggits!

See, sometimes, I can post Monty Python just for the sake of it being Monty Python. These Frenchmen dole out some of the funniest insults EVER, though my very favorite is actually near the end of the movie. One of my two favorites is “I fart in your general direction.” The top one is not family-friendly. (Not that the last comment there was, but the other is worse. Monty Python fans will know what I mean.)

Apparently, though, there are no decent videos there of the Killer Rabbit. It’s the only time I laugh out loud at the Lord’s name in vain. Is that a sin…laughing at it? I’m practically giggling at the thought of it.

Okay, I have to check Google and Yahoo! to see if they have the Killer Rabbit scene now.



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