Posted by: Christine Johnson | July 17, 2006

Cardinal Arinze

At the blog Some Have Hats, we find a post discussing Cardinal Arinze’s Q & A session recently. (I know someone in a discussion group who went to see him, too.) Her thoughts are interesting, and I found myself feeling let down that the good cardinal is not standing up to the abuses he says he deplores. For example, she writes:

Cardinal Arinze evoked a lot of laughter as he explained that Rome gets more mail from people in the United States complaining about their liturgy than every other country in the world, combined. He made it sound as if Rome considers us a bunch of crybabies and writes us off thusly. I wanted to scream, “The reason you get mail from us is that we go to church!” No one in Europe is complaining about the liturgy because they haven’t seen it in decades!

Hat tip: Julie D.



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