Posted by: Christine Johnson | July 17, 2006


AmericanPapist has a round-up of facts on Israel and the current conflicts surrounding her. Excellent information with lots of links.

I am waiting for someone in the media to make the point that it’s the Palestinian Jews who have been on that land for more than 2000 years, not the Palestinian Arabs (who were mostly wandering tribes who did little to nothing to develop the land). Any prosperity in Israel is due to the Jews who moved there to escape being persecuted and killed in various places around the world, especially in the Arab/Muslim countries surrounding Israel. In the past, there have been “exchanges” where one country will take in new citizens (as Israel has done with the millions of Jews who have gone to live there) while sending to the other country those citizens who actually fit in best there (as could be done with the Palestinian Arabs, many of whom have lived in that area for only two or three generations). Why don’t the surrounding countries do this? Because NONE of them will give Palestinian Arabs citizenship, nor will they help them. If one of them does move to a surrounding country, they are inelligible for citizenship. (But Israel will give citizenship to them, if they desire it.)

I’m also waiting for someone to mention that the Palestinian Arabs who lived in the area in 1948 were offered an opportunity to have a homeland, which they rejected outright. Or that the homeland they were offered is 90% in what is now called Jordan. Why does Israel have to give up land? Why can’t they live in the place that they were offered to begin with? And why do the Palestinian Arabs get to claim homeland in a place they’ve been for a few as three generations when other people in the world can only make such a claim if they’ve been there for ten or more (according to the U.N.)?

I want Israel to defend herself. She deserves to. I also pray that Israel takes the utmost care in avoiding civilian casualties. We need to pray for the most peaceful resolution possible here. And that Iran isn’t too close to its nuclear capabilities, either.

UPDATE: Julie D. has some links to Middle East bloggers that she reads. It’s good to have perspective from the area, as well.



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