Posted by: Christine Johnson | August 9, 2006

Dating v. Courtship

Catholic Pillow Fight has a wonderful post up about dating that I will be needing sometime in the future. Already, I am prepping my daughters that the purpose of dating someone is to see if they are marriage material. We’ll work on this more and more as time goes by, but we are also working on the chastity thing. These are quite difficult, especially since we did not follow the pattern we are about to set for our children.

It’s a good thing when we can teach our children God’s ways from early on, and by the graces given to us in the Sacrament of Matrimony, we will be able to impress upon them the importance of chastity (as opposed to society’s ideas of experimentation) and courtship (as opposed to dating as it’s understood these days).

Pray for parents who are struggling and will struggle to overcome their pasts and teach their children God’s ways!



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