Posted by: Christine Johnson | August 10, 2006

Brain Teaser Time!

It’s time for another workout for your brain!

I nearly forgot that I was going to put these up after my trip, so I apologize if you were holding your breath. You do look cute in blue, you know.

Okay, here’s your puzzle for today. This one is different from the last one, and it’s especially for geeky computer types.

Computer Talk

The sentence “The boxing champion faced many challengers, but he _______ all down” can be completed with a work in computer jargon — modem (mowed ’em). The sentence “Don’t ever ________ I’ll wash out your mouth with soap and water” can be completed with cursor (curse or). Try to find a word in computer jargon to complete these sentences.

  1. Were both father and _____ when they fell asleep at the play last night?
  2. After the first inning, the Yankees were ahead one _______.
  3. Was Jack ____ a perfect 20-20 when he starred in Dragnet?
  4. Did the new fishing _____ as well as the old one?
  5. A male ovine is more commonly called a ______.
  6. How often did Nikita speak to _____ the red phone?
  7. The soldiers who were supposed to protect the ___ away instead.
  8. Her favorite disaster movie was Krakatoa East of ______.
  9. The Ambassador will be _____ Aviv all of next week.
  10. The Irish musician said, “Happiness is a ____ to eat and three or four groupies.”
  11. Charles didn’t like to be called _______.
  12. Rather than risk his next season being a _____ Wee Reese retired from baseball.
  13. It’s a long ______ from New York to Miami.
  14. Does the wooden _____ twice as much as the aluminum one?
  15. The city council decided to take ____ school funding issues at the next session.
  16. There was a new challenge ______ Dillon during every episode of Gunsmoke.
  17. He tried reading the latest bestseller, but he just couldn’t get ______.
  18. There were no cold cuts in the refigerator, so he opened a can of _______.
  19. The shirts are available in S, M, L, and _____.
  20. _____ a sorrowful thing to realize how few people appreciate Shakespearean English.

Answers will be posted tomorrow. Leave your guesses in the com boxes tonight!

UPDATE: Boy, this sure is a flop! I’ll post a better brain teaser after this, but here are the answers (since not a single person tried last night). To see the answers better, highlight them with your mouse.

  1. motherboard (mother bored)
  2. zip or run
  3. website (Webb’s sight)
  4. network (net work) or netcast (net cast)
  5. RAM (ram)
  6. icon (Ike on)
  7. Fortran (fort ran)
  8. Java (Java)
  9. Intel (in Tel)
  10. gigabyte (gig, a bite or jig, a bite) or byte (bite)
  11. Chip (chip)
  12. floppy (flop Pee)
  13. drive or drag
  14. Gateway (gate weigh)
  15. upgrade (up grade)
  16. format (for Matt)
  17. Intuit (into it)
  18. Spam (spam)
  19. Excel (XL)
  20. Lotus (Lo, ’tis)


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