Posted by: Christine Johnson | August 14, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Hubby!

Thirteen years ago on this day, I entered into the Sacrament of Matrimony with Hubby. He was and is my best friend on this earth. He’s a rock in my life. He’s my spider-squisher, bread-winner, hand-holder, hug-giver, snuggle-upper, handsome man! I love him with all my heart, and I am amazed how God took care to give me a godly man, even if Hubby didn’t know he would wind up being so. (He was an atheist when we were dating, and even up until we were first engaged. He became a Christian – again – in March 1993, and converted to the Catholic Faith just this Easter.)

This is us, smooching on the day I bought my wedding gown. (No ring yet, but we had the church and the hall and, now, the dress already. Ring came on December 4, 1992.)

Here is Hubby, a moment after he saw me in my wedding dress for the first time.

I am giving Hubby his ring here.

Hubby is saying his vows. He started giggling in a reflex he has developed. When he’s going to cry, he either tells a joke or giggles. Since joke-telling is frowned upon during your wedding vows, he opted to laugh.

Father Jim, blessing us.

Thank you, God for my wonderful husband! What a blessing the past 13 years have been!



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