Posted by: Christine Johnson | August 15, 2006

An Anniversary Gift from Hubby

Today, Hubby sent this to me. We can think of it as another anniversary card, I suppose. What makes it nice is that, A) I am not offended (the underlining is from the young woman in his office who is 25 and single), and B) he said that I actually follow a lot of these (though I do not put a fresh ribbon in my hair before he comes home).

Personally, I think that feminists who require that men treat them like queens need to remember that he needs to be treated like a king. After all, fair’s fair, right?

Hopefully, you can click on this and enlarge it in a new window. If not, I’ll have to play with the post a bit so it’s easier to read. Posted by Picasa

UPDATE: I did suspect this last night, but I just now sent this email off to Hubby:

This isn’t actually from Good Housekeeping. 😉 (I thought I’d check before searching for pictures for today’s Feast Day.)

In other words, it’s probably a compilation of stuff, put around an old picture in Photoshop. (I sort of thought that it was a fake article, since the picture is clearly marked “Advertising Archives.”)



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