Posted by: Christine Johnson | August 15, 2006

School Begins!

Yesterday our family started the school year again. Big Girl is now officially a third-grader and Little Girl is now officially in Kindergarten. The differences in their attitudes towards the first day was hysterical.

Just before 7:30 a.m., Little Girl came bounding downstairs and jumped up on the end of the bed crying out joyfully, “TODAY I AM IN KINDERGARTEN! TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!” She proceeded to hug me tightly and ask how soon she could start.

I let her know that first we needed to get dressed and have breakfast. It took another hour before I was dressed. Little Girl came back downstairs. “Hungry yet?”


“Is Big Girl up?”


Strange. Big Girl prides herself on being up earlier than anyone else. She’s very competitive, and anything she can beat someone on, she’s into it. “You got up at 6:00 for work, Daddy? Well, I was up at 5:45!”

I check e-mail (our internet had been out all weekend, and I needed to get a couple of online thigns ready for school), and we head upstairs for breakfast. I start putting everything together, and we check to be sure Little Girl made her bed (job charts, you know). “Where’s Big Girl?”

“Still sleeping.”

“She’s faking.”

“No, Mommy, she’s not. She pretended in the car, but not now. She’s really sleeping.”

“No, she’s faking it.”

I go into the room where Big Girl is “sleeping” and find her lying there, in a position that tells me instantly that she is, indeed, faking it, and say, “Good morning. Time to get up. First day of school!”

“I’m soooo sleepy, Mommy.” Big Girl tries desperately to sink into the mattress and look pathetic.

“You are not. Get up. It’s going to happen whether you want to start or not. Breakfast time! Up you go!”

And so began the day.

School actually went well, even for Big Girl, with two exceptions:

  1. Big Girl still hates math. We are still using the MCP because I want to investigate other programs a bit. We might switch, and I’ll certainly try to do things that are math-related without the workbooks. Seriously, if the child remembers how to borrow for subtraction, why torture her with 25 more problems than she needs to review it? I’ll work in UNO, Yahtzee, and Scrabble for this one.
  2. Little Girl tried to do a rocket puzzle. It went over slightly less well than a lead balloon might have. The puzzle was really hard (I can’t do those things!), and Little Girl dissolved into tears, hiding under blankets and pillows on the couch. When I finally found her again (I was printing star maps, and having difficulty with the margins and orientation), she cried, “I hate school! I never want to do school again!” Great. Three hours of Kindergarten and I wrecked it. She did recover by dinner, though, and announced that school was “great” when Daddy asked.

So today we continue on our journey. Saint Thomas Aquinas, ora pro nobis!



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