Posted by: Christine Johnson | August 18, 2006

Is a Life of Modesty, Purity, and Chasity Possible in Our Culture?

Tradition, Family, and Property has a great article that shows that it is. It begins this way:

A friend of mine was once riding the subway late at night when the doors opened and in stepped two couples returning from a night out on the town. They laughed and carried on until one of the ladies noticed a poster promoting abstinence on the wall behind them. She read it out loud for the others. “Virgin: it’s not a dirty word,” it said. Then half jokingly, but with a voice that portrayed guilt and disappointment, she added: “Why didn’t they tell us that when we were 15?” The nervous laughter that followed this remark quickly degenerated into a pensive silence and a marked note of frustration.

Go and check out the rest of the inspiring article! It gave me great hope that I can raise my daughters to live up to God’s standards better than I ever did.



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