Posted by: Christine Johnson | August 24, 2006

Birth Control Pills Will Be OTC Within Five Years

…if we even have to wait that long.

It’s just been reported that the FDA will ease limits on Plan B sales. Yes, “emergency contraception” (which kills an already-fertilized egg – that’s actually called an embryo, people) is now going to be sold over the counter to anyone who can produce ID proving they are over 18.

Fake ID, anyone?

Plan B does not prevent conception. Conception happens when the sperm and egg meet, the egg becomes fertilized, and an embryo is formed. Viola! New DNA. Unique human being. New life. Implantation is just the first thing the new life seeks out. It’s not the sign of new life any more than quickening is. It’s amazing to me that science has known this for DECADES, and yet for the purposes of making abortion more palatable, people purposely twist scientific knowledge and lie.

What has brought us here? Basically it’s the contraception mentality of our cutlure. Heck, if it’s okay for me to take the Pill, which can do the very same thing, even with its lower dose, why is it bad for me to take Plan B? It’s basically like taking three or four Birth Control Pills at once, which is what Planned Parenthood suggests you do if you are late and can’t get to a doctor for Plan B prescriptions. They even provide you with a chart that tells you just how to use your regular Pills to induce an abortion, just like Plan B. Of course, they also lie and say that it’s not an abortion, but that’s only because they’ve decided to change what conception means. (They also suggest getting a prescription and keeping the pills on hand because, you know, we can’t expect people to control themselves.)

And why is the Pill wrong if I can use a condom or a sponge to keep from having kids? ‘Cuz it’s my body and all that stuff, you know.

It all goes back to whether or not you believe that God’s plan for sex has to do with bonding and closeness and procreation. And that thwarting the procreation part thwarts God, as well.

*sigh* It all goes downhill from here.



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