Posted by: Christine Johnson | August 28, 2006

Ethical Stem Cell Research

Contrary to popular belief, Catholics and other Pro Lifers are not opposed to stem cell research. We are opposed to EMBRYONIC stem cell research (ESCR). But you’d never know that from the press. Most of the media drops the “embryo” part of that, as though there is only one kind of stem cell, and paints us, incorrectly, as a bunch of meanies who want children to die and old people to forget just because we hate science.

Now, have you put Mary Meets Dolly on your Bloglines account yet? If not, you missed another excellent post.

Go read And quietly the ethical stem cell research goes on… and then ADD REBECCA TO YOUR ACCOUNT! Seriously, her blog is indispensible! She really helps to break the science down into terms anyone can understand. (The mere fact that I, as scientifically challenged as I am, can comprehend her blog at all is a testament to that fact!)



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