Posted by: Christine Johnson | August 28, 2006

True Story

I got this in an email from my aunt today. Though everyone would appreciate the story!

Our family was tied up in an ongoing ‘drama’ yesterday–I believe we all felt touched by God’s Grace by the end. Before I relate the story, let me assure you all of us are fine!

I got a call from our oldest son, Sean, yesterday around 5 p.m. He and his wife, Katie, were heading back to College Station from Virginia (where Sean just gradulated from Officer Candidates’ School).

They were in Louisiana and were diverted off the main highway due to an explosion at a munitions plant. On the back road, stopped in traffic, Katie was at the wheel. Suddenly, the car started forward and Sean was shocked to find that Katie at passed out! He managed to grab the steering wheel and steer the car off the road, hit the brakes, and throw the vehicle into park. By this time, Katie was in convulsions. A truck driver immediately pulled over and offered assistance & gave Sean a cold bottle of water for her. They were just a short distance from the intersection, where two deputies were directing the diverted highway traffic. They came to their aid, calling in the ‘first responders’ (who, if I understood correctly, were there in minutes having been nearby–possibly after another call). They checked Katie’s vitals, and they all checked out. By this time, she had come to and was responding to questions. The EMT’s recommended that she go to the emergency room and offered to transport her. Sean declined–the hospital was nearby and he took her (with an assist past traffic by the kind officers of the law!).

The end of that part of the story is: Katie was thoroughly examined, including having an EKG, and was given a clean bill of health. She has a history of this happening to her under certain stress. Sean is now determined that their insurance will give them a referal to get to the bottom of this so it can be dealt with properly!

They were on the road again by 7 or 8 o’clock and we waited up until they called us just before midnight when they got home. Bob & I were at the ready to hop in our car and drive towards Louisiana, if needed. Although, as I told Bob, I almost started that way at 5:00 when I got that first call–you understand: it’s a parent-thing!

Sean said more than once how ‘someone’ was watching out for them. First of all, there was an explosion in which no one was injured that sent them off the interstate. They were STOPPED in traffic when Katie passed out and were a short distance from help. If this had happened on the highway, they would have been doing 70 mph!

There are many, many things to take away from this experience, not the least of which is the miracles we experience today may be vastly different from the ones people ordinarily look for: I’m not sure we will see water changed to wine, for instance. What we may see are an incredible series of incidents that lead to a ‘safe haven’ and a reaffirmation that ‘Someone” is indeed ‘watching our backs’. There was simply another plan for Sean & Katie yesterday and they followed the path to safety!

Believe me when I tell you that God heard many prayers of thanks from the Taylor family last night!



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