Posted by: Christine Johnson | September 1, 2006

Happy Blogoversary to Me!

This weekend is my second blogoversary. This was my first blog post ever. Plenty of politics for most of the posts, especially leading up to the election in 2004.

Then things changed a bit, and the focus of my blog changed, as well. I cannot tell you what it felt like when John Paul II died, except that it was almost identical to when my grandfathers died. Something inside of me changed when that happened. I suddenly realized that my focus needed to be elsewhere. I was glued to EWTN. I was fascinated by the election of a new pope. Since I had only been eight when John Paul became our papa, I had no recollection at all of what it was like.

I still remember the day we learned that we had a new pope. The girls and I knelt in front of the television, knowing that Pope Benedict XVI understood that people like us were there, and were blessed via satellite by our new pope.

Since then, my blog focuses more on faith and less on politics. I still write about politics, but I think that I am far more balanced. I hope that I’m more focused on faith than political things, frankly. If Jesus isn’t the center of my activities, then I am completely out of whack.

Anyway, it’s been a fun two years. I hope to have many more!



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