Posted by: Christine Johnson | September 13, 2006

Playing Devil’s Advocate…

…and still coming off on our side. The title of this piece had me worried, but it’s brilliant logic!

Remember, though, that when you are railing against “Plan B,” you need to also rail against the Pill, because they are really the same thing in different dosages.

Anywho…here’s a snippet, then you can head on over for the rest of the article:

A few months ago, I was taken to task by Planned Parenthood for writing that “some leading medical experts say that the morning-after pill doesn’t just prevent pregnancy—it can also kill a child who has already been conceived in her mother’s womb.”

In big letters, the nation’s largest abortion operation wrote that my words were factually incorrect.

But I am certainly not alone in stating that the morning-after pill can act as an abortion pill. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has written, “A woman who uses EC (the morning-after pill) after unprotected sex clearly intends to prevent pregnancy. However, she may be quite unaware of ‘where’ she is in her cycle (i.e., whether or not she has ovulated). Although she may not intend to abort, the drug’s action of altering the endometrium to interfere with implantation may in fact abort the developing embryo.”

And, as the Pontifical Academy for Life stated regarding the morning-after pill, “It is clear…that the proven ‘anti-implantation’ action of the morning-after pill is really nothing other than a chemically induced abortion. It is neither intellectually consistent nor scientifically justifiable to say that we are not dealing with the same thing.”

Planned Parenthood and other members of the abortion industry want to change the definition of pregnancy, claiming that pregnancy begins with implantation of a fertilized egg, rather than at fertilization—the point when the egg and the sperm unite. By altering the definition of pregnancy, Planned Parenthood officials can claim with a straight face that the morning-after pill can prevent abortion rather than cause one. That’s an important line of rhetoric—since, while polls show the vast majority of Americans accept contraception, women do not crave an abortion as they would a Porsche or a day at the spa.

Now head on over and read the rest of Nathan Tabor’s article.



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