Posted by: Christine Johnson | September 21, 2006

Even if the Yanks Lose…

…Boston helps them out by losing, too.

Nine straight years as AL East champs. Derek Jeter has never known a season without a post-season in his career. Our big bats are back. Our pitching is getting stronger.

The Yankees were still spraying champagne all over the clubhouse and dousing each other with beer when Derek Jeter, wiping the sting from his eyes, made sure to mention the big picture. “They should enjoy it, but also they should realize that the season’s just getting started,” Jeter said.

In other words, when you play in pinstripes, division championships are expected. True success is measured only in World Series’ rings.

That is exactly why my father said that A-Rod and Giambi aren’t real Yankees yet.

Man, I love being a Yankees’ fan!

(This shirt’s back reads “At this rate it will take Boston Three Centuries to catch up!” You can buy it here. I know I want to. But it might be out of date in another month.)


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