Posted by: Christine Johnson | October 3, 2006

Time for the Carnival!

It’s time for the Catholic Carnival again. This isn’t any kind of exclusive club. If you’re a Catholic blogger and want to submit a post for the carnival, you can learn more about it here.

This week’s Carnival is being hosted at just another day of Catholic pondering, and includes posts on education, pilgrimages, and a full-length video of a Latin Mass! Recorded in 1941 at Our Lady of Sorrows, the video is one of a high Mass narrated by Archbishop Fulton Sheen. (Sounds cool, huh?) There are also posts on prayer, Humanae Vitae, and more. (Yes, I even have a post this week, which I didn’t even realize was tied in to Respect Life Sunday in some way.) Plenty of variety for you this week.

No wonder Sarah is calling it a tapestry!

Head on over and enjoy!


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