Posted by: Christine Johnson | October 24, 2006

Five Little Known Things Meme

It’s a meme day! (I have another at Domestic Vocation today.)

Another Catholic Mom (aka Amy) tagged me for this one in which I need to reveal five little known things about me. I’ll try not to embarrass myself or my family too much with this one! Here we go!

  1. When I was in eighth grade, I wrote for the school newspaper occasionally. Because of the popularity of the ads, my friends and I wrote one article that listed how to say “Where’s the beef?” in more than a dozen languages. I wish I could find a copy of it because it was really funny. We even tried it in Latin, but substituted “cattle” for “beef.” And I think we conjugated it incorrectly. (UPDATE: I forgot…we also did heiroglyphics for the phrase. Again, cattle or cow for beef was necessary.)
  2. I was wildly unpopular in school. I had very few friends in elementary school (until our family got a pool, then I was slightly more popular in the summers), and it wasn’t until high school that I got comfortable with myself, though I also had strayed very far from what should be considered acceptable behavior for a good Catholic girl. I wasn’t anywhere near as bad as some people I knew, but I know now that doesn’t make much difference. I was still pretty much a goody-two-shoes according to most people, and still wasn’t popular enough to have many friends, but I was finally comfortable in my own skin.
  3. I’m also pretty introverted. This probably contributed to the friends dilemma. Unless I’m with a couple of people with whom I’m very comfortable, I tend to just be a wallflower in social situations. (Either that, or I try too hard to be outgoing and look like a total fool.)
  4. I am very unforgiving with myself. When I do something wrong, it takes forever to get over it. We sat down to watch Empire Strikes Back with the girls yesterday, and I recalled how I blurted out the ending to my grandparents upon arriving home after the movie. They had not seen it, but I think were planning to. I still feel badly about that! I also at times recall things I did that were embarrassing to me or to my family – and these things can be years ago – and I still get butterflies when I think of how I stuck my foot in my mouth. I think I’m just overly sensitive.
  5. On a much lighter note, I was a HUGE fan of The Dukes of Hazard and The A-Team when they were on. I’d pretend I was one of the characters, or that I knew them all. Pitiful. Embarrassing (a bit), but true.

Who to tag? Golly, I don’t know. If you feel compelled, consider yourself tagged and leave a link in the comboxes.



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