Posted by: Christine Johnson | October 26, 2006


I wanted to point out a post with several videos in it, all relating to Missouri’s upcoming vote on whether or not to add an amendment to their state constitution to protect clone-and-kill research. The amendment lies (if you read through it, you’ll learn that though it promises on the first page that it is to outlaw cloning, it actually protects it with another section later in the bill), and it allows for women to be paid for the priviledge of having their eggs harvested. Yippee.

Anyway, head over to Domestic Vocation and watch the series of ads, plus check out the other links I’ve got on the post to find a few other folks who’ve been blogging on this issue.

Even though it might seem that Missouri politics won’t affect you in, say, Virginia, if this passes there, it will be coming to a state near you. Or to your own state.



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