Posted by: Christine Johnson | October 28, 2006

Virginia’s Senate Race

Someone asked me how the Allen/Webb race was going here, and I said that I honestly wasn’t sure. But I’d heard a teaser (or beginning of the story?) on CNN while I was at the doctor’s office with my girls. (Big Girl had her annual check-up, which I might chronicle at Domestic Vocation.)

The teaser lines started off with the words “sexual”, “incestuous”, and some other stuff that made me jump up right quick and tell the little old lady who was sitting with us, “I hope you don’t mind that I’m changing the channel.” (Not exactly family-fare type stuff.)

Well, I did a search on Google News to see what happened. This is a campaign that has included wild accusations that Allen once stuffed a deer’s head in the mailbox of someone he hated, racism accusations being thrown both ways, etc. And now, we have this new thing.

Fox News had the story. Webb is making part of his claim to fame [aside from insinuating that Ronald Reagan would endorse him – something that Nancy Reagan asked be pulled from the ads (Webb has refused to do so)] his authorship of a bunch of books. Novels? Whatever. He’s talking about how he’s a writer, too. You know, a regular Renaissance Man.

But now Allen is saying that parts of Webb’s novels are rather sexually explicit and downright indecent.


Lots of smearing is going on in this campaign, and it’s coming from both sides. Why not just tell me what you’ll DO if you’re elected and quit trying to make the other guy look bad? And I mean that for the GOP just as much as the Dems. I’m rather sick and tired of the childish way in which everyone seems to campaign.

“He did that!”

“Oh, yeah, well, HE did something worse…LOOK!”

“OH, that’s nothing, my opponent likes to wear women’s underwear and kick puppies.”

“Well, the incumbent EATS puppies!”

“Yeah, well…he dated his SISTER once!”

“Hey, that’s just because I couldn’t get a prom date.”

“Yeah, you are incestuous! Sicko bastard!”

“Um, pardon me, I’m a voter, and I’m wondering if you are in favor of keeping the tax cuts…”

“What? Can’t you see we’re busy?”

“Yeah, didn’t you hear? He eats puppies and kitties. And I think I saw him steal that baby’s lollipop!”

“I did NOT! I just had a root canal. I wouldn’t eat a lollipop!”

“Oh, I see…you don’t know how to floss. See, everyone, my opponent is obviously too stupid to be in office. He can’t even floss.”

I am so sick of politicians.



  1. i agree that it’s gotten past the point of ridiculous with the back and forth insults. on this latest issue, however, i think it will backfire on Allen b/c Webb’s war novels are actually critically acclaimed (universally, even by John McCain) and are actual accounts of the atrocities of war, stories that need to be told. they’re mostly fact based, even the dispicable sexual content, as witnessed by Webb when he served in vietnam (something that george allen apparently did not do). anyway, had Allen actually experienced war himself, perhaps he would be less inclined to have supported the needless war in Iraq and less prone to using the horrific images of war as a political lever to soil the rep of his opponent. as a republican myself, it makes me really wonder about George Allen, someone I used to adore. i truly can’t imagine voting for him at this point.


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