Posted by: Christine Johnson | November 6, 2006

It’s Started…

Last night, Hubby fielded a phone call that was a recording. On this recording, the person encouraged people to vote NO on ballot amendment 1 in Virginia. Law suits will happen because of it. It will not be fair. It will disrupt things.

End of call.

What the person did NOT mention was the contents of the proposed amendment.

The bishops of Virginia are encouraging us all to vote YES on this amendment. They have a terrific Q&A on the amendment, too. (This was in our bulletin last weekend. This weekend, our pastor mentioned that the bishops’ letter was in the narthex of our parish, and the bulletin contained an item that let us know that our bishop supports this amendment and encourages all Catholics to vote in favor of it. I linked to the letter here.)

Please pray for the passage of this amendment. If we cannot get it passed, I fear homosexual “marriage” will be forced upon us. The way the opposition is campaigning against this measure is deceitful, to say the least.



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