Posted by: Christine Johnson | November 6, 2006

Just Went to a Rally for Senator Allen

At the last minute, I decided to go to a rally for Senator Allen. In the process, the girls got a short civics lesson as well as a bit of information to fill in what SchoolHouse Rock didn’t give them about the three branches of government. Both our Senators were there, as was Bob Goodlatte, who represents a district near us. (Our Rep. is not Republican, and so he wasn’t there. Big surprise!) Also in attendance was Virginia’s Leutenant Governor and Attorney General. Quite the line-up, though I do know that the president was in the area last week, stumping for Allen.

We were right in the front row, and just as Senator Allen was about to reference the girls (with his “making the future brighter for the next generation…like these children…who are moving all over the place”), Big Girl decided she had to go to the bathroom. Actually, she decided that about thirty seconds before Allen was introduced, and, like the trooper she is, she held it as long as she could.

Anyway…it was interesting. First political rally I’ve ever been to, believe it or not! And it was quite small. I bet the girls and I make the local news, too. I just felt badly when we had to leave while Allen was still talking.

Little Girl wondered about the senator’s football. “Why does he have that football?” she asked. (He threw it from the stage as he entered. I told her that he played football in college, since he had to bug out before the girls got to meet him.)

Even though I am not a big fan of our other senator (not much of a Pro Lifer, to put it mildly), he did strike me as a Southern Gentleman. Very soft-spoken, while made Allen seem even louder than he was! (Allen, on the other hand, was very much a BIG personality. I can see why people have talked of him making a run in ’08.)

Susan Allen was very pretty, very smiley, and I wondered at one point if her face hurt at the end of the day. She did not look like she was faking her smile, just that she had been smiling non-stop for a while. I wonder if she needs a heating pad for her smiling muscles. 😉

I nabbed a bumper sticker in support of the marriage amendment, kind of brushed off the lit drop, and got back home in time to get Little Girl changed for dance class.


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