Posted by: Christine Johnson | November 7, 2006

I’m so excited!

Mondays are so awesome because “Heroes” is on. It’s one of my new favorite shows. Hubby saw something about it and decided we ought to give it a whirl, and now I’m hooked. Normally, we don’t watch until the next night because we put it on the DVR. But tonight, Hubby is alone in Atlanta, and he proposed that we watch it together tonight. He’s watching live, and I’ll start up in a few minutes on the DVR. Once I’ve caught up to the live feed, I’ll call him and we’ll dish during commercials. (Hey, what’s free nights and weekends on the cell phone worth if you don’t really take advantage once in a while?)

I am so excited that I can hardly wait!

Oh, and tomorrow, I’ll be voting early and then heading to another polling place to work the polls for about an hour. The girls are coming, too, so it will be an interesting lesson on how things work during an election. We’ll watch some of the local news to see how the race is shaping up once polls close, too.

Such an exciting week! 🙂



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