Posted by: Christine Johnson | December 24, 2006

Christmas Conversion Story

A beautiful story was posted at The Dawn Patrol. Here’s a snippet of the beginning, but please go read the rest.

just came home from ‘ringing bells’ at a salvation army outdoor kettle this evening in front of a large super-market … weather: cold and wet and dreary.

only to stress the magnitude of what happened, i’ll share that this is the 22nd consecutive year that i’ve been doing this pre-Christmas activity for the week or two before Christmas.

very typically, i’d guess that 50% of the people who pass by me on their way into or out of this super-market do not look at me as they pass by … even with a greeting from me as they enter and a “Goodnight and Merry Christmas” to them as they depart.

a woman and her 8 – 10 yr old daughter approached … i greeted them … the mother scooted right on by and didn’t give a look … the daughter stopped just after passing, turned around and came back to the kettle … the mother turned around and asked ‘what are you doing?’ … the daughter did not look at her mother or respond, but reached in her coat and pulled out a small change-purse …


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