Posted by: Christine Johnson | January 8, 2007

Comments Fixed

Well, the waiting paid off. I finally have Haloscan comments properly installed on this blog, so there will not be two sets of comments any longer. Previously, anyone who was on a dedicated page for a post – meaning there were no other posts on the page – wound up commenting on Blogger, while those people who accessed the blog and commented from the main page had their comments logged in through Haloscan. When I switched to Blogger Beta, I didn’t realize I was losing the Haloscan capabilities, and it took me a bit to figure out how to get at least some of that back. Now that Blogger has switched completely and it’s no longer a Beta version, Haloscan has updated their download tools.

I like it because it also allows me to trackback and to send trackback “pings” to others. I’ll have to get back to using that again now that all my stuff is in one package again.



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