Posted by: Christine Johnson | January 9, 2007

On the Ads Seen Here

I have several places on my blog that contain advertisements. These are affiliate programs, and when you click on an ad or even click and then purchase something at the sponsor’s site (for example, at Aquinas and More), I receive a small benefit. So, if you see an ad here on my site for someone you already shop with, I would be ever so grateful if you clicked through from here.

And, if you are a blogger who is looking for a sponsor, check out CrispAds. They will pay out each month once you generate $5 worth of click-throughs. (And if you do, please use me as a referral.) This $5 is a much-easier attained amount for smaller bloggers (like me), and you can choose key-words for your ads. When I was using Google’s ads, it worked more on a basis of words found on my site, so when I was blogging heavily during election season in ’04, I wound up with countless ads in support of Kerry (!) at the top of my page! I also wound up with some interesting ads supporting abortion. Choosing my own keywords has cut down on the objectionable ads. Plus, you can pick out keywords that are season-appropriate. Click here if you’re interested, and, again, please mention me as the reference if you don’t mind.

As Bartles and James used to say, “Thank you for your support.”

(How about THAT for dating myself!?)



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