Posted by: Christine Johnson | January 29, 2007

Spit and Polish that Blog and Make It Shine!

It’s almost time for the Catholic Blog Awards! Nominations begin February 4.

Hat tip to Adore Te Devote (who heard from Happy Catholic) for this.

More information on the subject can be found at the source: Cyber Catholics.

The categories are as follows:

Best Overall Catholic Blog
Best Designed Catholic Blog
Best Written Catholic Blog
Best New Catholic Blog
Best Individual Catholic Blog
Best Group Blog
Best Blog by Clergy/Religious/Seminarian
Funniest Catholic Blog
Smartest Catholic Blog
Most Informative & Insightful Catholic Blog
Best Apologetic Blog
Best Political/Social Commentary Catholic Blog
Best Insider News Catholic Blog
Most Spiritual Blog

I fit into exactly none of those categories, but sometimes I find some interesting new blogs to read. 🙂


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