Posted by: Christine Johnson | February 4, 2007


Today is the Super Bowl, and I have been trying to avoid the sports press since it was finalized that the Bears (coached by Lovey Smith) and the Colts (coached by Tony Dungee) would be meeting in the Big Game.

Why? Why would I avoid ESPN, one of my favorite channels?

Because, you see, Smith and Dungee are both black, and no one at ESPN will let us forget it.

What a patronizing bunch! WHO CARES that they are both black? Why does someone have to ask them at every press conference something about how does it feel to be one of two black coaches in the Super Bowl when no black has ever coached in a Super Bowl before?

Why not say, “Hey, I can’t get past your skin color. Did you notice that you’re black? How does it feel to know that no one in the press seems to be able to get past your skin?”

How demeaning. They can’t just be two great coaches. They can’t just be two friends (long-time friends!) coaching against each other at the Super Bowl.

They have to be BLACK guys. Let’s all treat them extra-special! Don’t forget to point out at least once per press conference that they’re black! Cuz they are, you know! It was the same thing that did Rush Limbaugh in when he said that Donavan McNabb was over-rated as a quarterback due to that Liberal White Guilt. I agreed, and thought it was a real shame that ESPN canned him over it. Or at least pressured him to leave afterwards. Rush was fantastic as an addition to their football coverage. But I digress.

Maybe, since we’re not going anywhere for the Super Bowl this year, we can play a drinking game. Every time someone mentions that Smith or Dungee are black, we drink. Two drinks for a mention of both of them in the same sentence! has an article that basically says the same thing I’ve been thinking about it, but a bit more coherently.

I really can’t wait for the day when people are not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Heck, I’ll settle for being judged by their coaching talent!



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