Posted by: Christine Johnson | March 28, 2007

Yeah, Universal Health Care is SUCH a Great Idea!

My dad was in the Army for four years. I was born during those four years, and my mother has told me horror stories about her pre- and post-natal care in Womack Army Hospital. Being lined up in the hallways like cattle for her pre-natal visits is just one of the stories.

When you ask my parents how they feel about universal health care (Hillary’s top priority if she is elected), they will most vociferously tell you how very AGAINST the idea they are.

And for good reason. What proponents of universal (or single-payer) health care point to as a success is Canada. But is health care in Canada better than it is here? Or is the idea that it’s free, so it’s better than paying for it yourself? Take a look at these two short films from On the Fence Films. (Warning! Some disturbing content might not be suitable for children, especially in the first film.)

[or click here]

[or click here]

How head over here to watch a longer piece on the state of medical care in Canada.

When politicians point to Canada (or even the UK) as successful models of health care, remember that there are people who actually die waiting for medical care.

No matter how bad you think our health care system is, I think this is far worse. Instead of creating this kind of nightmare scenario for the US, why not just make it easier for doctors to lower the costs of healthcare? I don’t know…maybe some tort reform might help, so that doctors don’t have to carry outrageous amounts of malpractice insurance just to protect themselves.



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