Posted by: Christine Johnson | May 10, 2007

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting

Dom pointed out this post at Scott Adams’ blog. (He’s the guy who draws Dilbert. And if you haven’t read it in a while, go back a week or two; he drew himself into the strip for a week. Oh, and be warned that the language there is not exactly family-friendly.)
Anyway, Adams talked about how cool it is that in Taiwan the elected government occasionally has brawls on the floor of Congress. And how it would also be cool if our Congress still did stuff like that. What Dom posted from Adams’ blog had me laughing out loud:

Can you imagine CSPAN’s ratings if we followed that model in America? I don’t think you’d be able to pry yourself away from the TV long enough to take a dump. You’d just sit there all day long with an adult diaper waiting for someone to sucker punch Teddy Kennedy.

I agree with Dom: I’d pay money to see that. (Should I confess that?)

And as far as the kung-fu levitating thing goes, does that mean that our Congressmen will all start to look like Agent Smith?

But in the comments section back at Adams’ blog, this comment had me practically falling out of my chair in laughter:

Real Live Girl, you stole my idea! Can you imagine the $ they could raise by making it a pay-per-view? It would probably be enough to scale back the capital gains tax rate. Or, I suppose, increase funding for Medicaid, depending on which party won the brawl.

And the advertising for contentious sessions would be off the comedy charts: “THURSDAY!! THURSDAY!! THURSDAY!! Congress is IN SESSION as the House Ways and MEEEEEEANS Committee debates H.R. 3031 regarding federal subsidization of research hospitals taking part in embryonic stem cell REEEEEEEA-search. Charlie “The Wrangler” Rangle will lead his Blue Gang against Phil “Bulldog” English and the rest of the Reds in what promises to be a Battle Royale for the AGES! Order your CSPAN pay-per-view NOW for only $79.95!”

I can TOTALLY hear that Monster Truck announcer’s voice in my head when I read that!



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