Posted by: Christine Johnson | May 31, 2007

Meme Tags

I’m back from vacation as of around 10:00 last night. We are slowly catching up with things (like the fact that I noticed that I am not receiving the discounts I am supposed to on my phone bill – and I didn’t notice it for the last bill, either), but I noticed that I was tagged for the “Eight Things About Me Meme” by two people!

And I was tagged for the Eight Things AND a Ten Things Meme at Domestic Vocation. I went for the ten, knowing I couldn’t come up with eighteen things, and I’ll direct Esther and Amy here for my answers.

Stories about vacation (and there are LOTS of them) will be posted at Domestic Vocation, too. Check back either tomorrow or next week (after I have time to get re-acquainted with life at home).

UPDATE TO AMY: I just noticed that your meme is different! I’ll get on that later, too. 🙂



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