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Happy Catholic Julie tagged me for two memes. First up was the “Eight Things About Me Meme.” I did that on Domestic Vocation (and have been tagged for it three times now!), and you can read my answers here.

This one, though, is a new one. Things (or People) That Do NOT Bother Me Meme. Wow. Everyone knows what fun it is to gripe about things, but this one is more positive. Very cool.

Here is my list. I’m not sure if it’s any particular order, either.

  1. Novus Ordo. It doesn’t bother me. It bothers me when there are blatant liturgical abuses, but I’m working on that, too. You know what? Jesus comes to the Mass of Paul VI, too. Really.
  2. Veal. I borrowed this from Julie, but I never have been bothered by it. Once, I even made my plate of veal cutlets moo at my too-sensitive friend just to tick her off. And it’s on my menu for this month, too, which is why I snagged this off Julie’s list.
  3. Hair Metal. Come on. I came of age in the 80’s.
  4. Movies where stuff explodes. I can’t wait to see Die Hard 3!
  5. Movies where people occasionally say #$&@*!! Especially Monty Python.
  6. Television for the whole family. Yes, my kids watch TV. Yes, they watch Spongebob. Yes, they watch Kim Possible. No, they are not psychopaths.
  7. Reading at the table. As long as everyone has something to read, that is.
  8. Reading in bed. My kids sometimes get allotted time in bed to read. It’s better than them thinking they have to sneak it in.
  9. Carbs. I lost lots of weight without giving even half a thought to how many carbs I was eating. I cannot possibly follow an eating plan that cuts out entire food groups.
  10. Paying more than $4 for a cup of coffee. If I am going to Starbuck’s, I’d rather have something I can’t easily make at home. Espresso is not easy to make at home. Therefore, I will buy a Venti No Whip 2% Peppermint Mocha, thank you very much. Paying for that doesn’t bother me as much as paying $2 for a Grande Regular with room for cream. That I can make at home. With my three-pound bag of Starbuck’s coffee that I bought at Sam’s.
  11. NFP. I think it’s a wonderful thing. Especially if you don’t think of it as Catholic Birth Control. 😉
  12. Big Families.
  13. Small Families.
  14. Breast Feeding. Well, as long as Hubby doesn’t get mortally embarrassed by immodest nursing. At least warn the menfolk.
  15. Bottle Feeding. Not everyone can do the natural thing, you know. Just like not everyone is able to have a big family, even if they are devout Catholics.
  16. Eating animals. And not just the ugly ones, either (chicken and fish). I like eating the cute ones. Baby cows. Grown cows. Wilbur and Babe. Daffy and Donald Ducks. I can’t wait to try Peter Rabbit someday. And I hear Bambi is tasty, too.
  17. Sarcasm. I’ll bet that’s brand-new information!
  18. Southerners. Even the ones who call it “The War of Northern Agression.” When they say that, I just think, “Well, bless your heart!” 😉
  19. Yankees. My whole family is a bunch of Yankees. I’m a mixed breed of sorts, being born in the South (Fort Bragg) but raised in the North (Toms River, NJ).
  20. The Yankees. Or any team that wins a lot of championships. I’m not one to hate the successful. Except the Lakers. I can’t stand that team.
  21. Watching Sports. I am one of two girls. No brothers. We watched sports with Dad, and I liked it. (Can’t say if Baby Sister did or not. I somehow don’t think it took with her.) Anything but hockey. And probably soccer, except for Big Girl’s games.
  22. Rooting for a losing team. I am not a frontrunner. You can tell this because I am a Jets fan, an Orlando Magic fan, and a Yankees fan. As I was growing up, I’d have people laugh at me for rooting for the Yanks. (When your team wins 26 World Series, then we’ll talk.) No matter how dismal the outlook is, every season I begin with the certainty that my teams will all win the championship! Either I am loyal to the end or I’m delusional. Please don’t comment on that.
  23. People with more money than they know what to do with. Not every rich person is bad. Or selfish. Or has made his money by climbing up the backs of others. Capitalism is not an evil force in the world when it’s done right.
  24. People without enough money to get by. Some people are trying, but circumstances have them between a rock and a hard place. Sometimes they need help. It’s nice to give it to them when you can.
  25. Wal Mart. There is a large contingent of people out there who are very anti-Wal Mart. I like that I can buy the bread I want for 70 cents less than at Kroger. I like that I can go there and get markdowns on clothes that are still in season because my children do not necessarily grow only when it’s time to switch seasonal clothing. I like that people are considered full-time at a lower number of hours because it means they are eligible for benefits. I like that someone says “hello” and “goodbye” every time I enter and leave the store.
  26. Memes. Being tagged for a meme is nice. 🙂 It makes me feel special. (Hey, not that kind of special!)

Now for my tags: ~m2~, Barb, Housewife in Flip Flops, and Red Neck Woman. Anyone else who feels compelled, go ahead and leave a link in the com box to your answers.



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