Posted by: Christine Johnson | September 6, 2007

A Large Set of Clippings

I have a need to clean out my Bloglines account again. Here are a list of articles that I’ve been saving up and wanting to share:

  • Sister Mary Martha is at it again. This time, she discusses animals in heaven (a heated topic, believe it or not) and “what she gave up” to be a nun. Both are terrific!
  • Father Jim Tucker has a link to an old sequence for Candlemas that’s up on YouTube. (I told you I’d been saving for a while!)
  • Evangelical Catholicism had a discussion over the Summer about talking about the Birds and the Bees with your children, and then followed that up with links to various resources that might assist you with that.
  • Jimmy Akin had a couple of posts that I was saving. One is a post I heard him discuss putting up on the radio: the Our Father in Aramaic! Also there, I had been saving his commentary on the pope’s motu proprio Summorum Ponitificum. I still didn’t finish reading it, though I did read the letter for it. (I know it’s somewhere in my pile of unfinished materials!)
  • Mary Meets Dolly had a post about a mother who is making it widely known that her diabetic son is improving because of stem cells – the adult kind, that is. Check out the story and her commentary on it.
  • This next one is very old, and I’ll actually be keeping it pinned at Bloglines for future reference. It’s a link to prayers for Eucharistic Adoration. Trust me, when I do get a chance to go, I am often at a loss for what to do with myself while I’m there. If I’m signed up for an hour, the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy only get me through about half and hour…then I’m stuck as to what else I should be doing. Thanks, Esther, for this resource!
  • Jean at Catholic Fire had a wonderful quote on chastity, as well as a video on Christ and His Mother.
  • “You know you’re a big family when…” Christina Martin has a hilarious list that many mothers I know can relate to.
  • Sue, Desperate Irish Housewife, had a tribute up for Phil Rizzuto and told about a book someone put together stringing his commentary together as poetry. It was really neat, and I might have to look for the book for my father.
  • Nancy Brown has assured me that the ants cannot get out of the ant farm she’s bought for her children. Big Girl would love to have one of these babies!
  • Regina Doman always has neat stuff at her House Art blog. First, she showed us a beautiful candle holder for a novena. Then she gives a link on making swords at home. (Kid-friendly ones. I have no forge here!)
  • Elena had up beautiful pictures of her daughter’s birthday cake. My girls think I ought to tackle making one of these for them. She’s also got a link to free organizational lists you might want to check out.
  • Just before reading this post at Red Neck Woman’s blog, I was thinking about how some Protestants get all ootsy about prayers that are pre-written, as though you couldn’t possibly pray properly using one of those. I was telling Soccer Dad that I think these prayers have improved my prayer life because it helps me to focus more. I use certain prayers before and after communion so that I remember to thank God for what I should thank Him for and ask Him for what needs asking for. I thought about writing about it, and then RNW just went off and did a better job than I ever would have done.
  • I’m still saving this for printing off later: Beautitudes for a Housewife. Thanks, Barb, for putting up inspirational items like this one!
  • Joanna Bogle had links up to some beautiful pictures of the Holy Father, which I’ve been hanging on to without passing it on for quite some time! Shame on me! Go and see what she found!
  • Jeff Miller has a review of a biography on Edmund Campion that had me interestsed in finding this book and reading it for myself.
  • Darwin Catholic has up a plethora of links on classical education for children. Also found there is a link to Don Camillo books online!
  • Carl Olsen has a terrific post that is perfect for tonight’s main event. Learn about the Sacramentals of Football before tonight’s kickoff!
  • Just Doing My Best has a couple of doozies, too! Everything from easy cake to an inspiring story about a child whose parents were told again and again that her life wasn’t worth living. Of course, now that she’s entering Kindegarten I don’t think many people are saying that any more. (She also nominated me for a blog award, but I’ll handle that at the other blog later.)
  • Kathy Jo at Barefoot Meandering has some great homeschooling links. (If you look around her site, you’ll also find some interesting stories about her family and their new farm.) She’s got reading lists for her classical studies, a post on “vomitless Shakespear,” and a discussion on math programs that I read again and again while trying to decide what to do about math for my girls. (Big Girl has a real hatred of it, but I think that will be changing what with our new math program this year.)

That, my friends, nearly cleans my box out again. Of course, it doesn’t include the stuff I want to send to our iPod account for the mp3 files of Catholic teachings, but you can’t have everything, can you? (And admit it, you don’t want everything I’ve stored up, do you?)

Hope some of that is good for you, or at least enjoyable. 🙂



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