Posted by: Christine Johnson | September 11, 2007

Six-Year Mark (Multiple Updates Throughout the Day)


A few links to look at in rememberance of the terrorist attacks six years ago.

  • First, please remember William Henry, who died that day. A portion of the above-linked post reads: “William Henry gave his life in service of others on September 11, 2001, when he went into the World Trade Center to save as many lives as he could. Henry, who was single, was a firefighter at Rescue Co. 1 in Manhattan, and was only 49 years old when he died.” This post of mine was a part of the 2,996 Project.
  • If you are interested in reading more personal accounts of the day, I chose to write about my day on the last anniversary. This morning, while I watched Fox’s segment on the day as it unfolded with the girls, I cried again for the lost souls and said a prayer for them all. I told them how scary it was to listen to it all happen on the radio and wonder if and when it would stop.
  • Amy at Modern Commentaries has her recollection of the day, as well. She begins, “The thing I remember most about 9/11 is how long the day seemed.”
  • OpinionJournal has an article by Norman Podhoretz about how very little things have changed on the political scene in the last six years. It’s a bit depressing to read, but while we look back, I think it’s also good for us to look forward and see what might be in store for us. Oddly enough, this is going to be accomplished by … looking back. At Vietnam and the anti-war crowd that opposed that war and is opposing this one in the same manner. (Podhoretz says they are using the very same playbook.) (At posting, this site is not coming up at all on my computer.) Update: As of 3:30, the link is working again.
  • National Review also has a lot of articles on this day in history. Especially good is Michael O’Brien’s “A Walk to Remember,” which is about the Freedom Walk.
  • UPDATE#1: Sue Vigilante (Desperate Irish Housewife) has links up and some very moving tributes, too. She promises updates throughout the day as she finds them.
  • UPDATE #2: I was actually waiting today for The Anchoress to post on today. Most moving part of her post was this: “I remember that when the terrorists used commercial airliners as bombs, they rode to their deaths with little toddlers on board, who had no idea what was going on, and who must have been terribly frightened when some people on the plane were suddenly restrained, or killed, and whose last moments in their short lives were so confusing.” And she links to multiple accounts and just-post-9-11 articles and videos.
  • UPDATE #3: I linked to two different videos (okay, and to this post) at Domestic Vocation. Both are quite moving, and I recommend having tissues ready when you watch.
  • UPDATE #4: newhousenewjob at Just Doing My Best has two posts up recalling this day six years ago.
  • UPDATE #5: Julie (the Happy Catholic) has a post up about her feelings about this day, today, in recent years, and on that very day. She has a plethora of links and several pictures, and her recollection (and collection) is a moving one. Be sure to stop by and read what she’s got up.
  • UPDATE #6: Jimmy Akin has an email up that contains a link to her brother’s pictures that he took that day. He was among the first people to put photos up on the internet, and they are awful and beautiful and powerful, as are his descriptions of what he saw that day.

Most of all, dear readers, remember to pray today. Pray for every soul lost that day, even for our enemies. Pray for the conversion of those who wish to irradicate Judeo-Christian culture – and our religions.

And, above all, pray for peace.

[image: Reuters; source]



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