Posted by: Christine Johnson | November 5, 2007

I’ve been pretty quiet on this blog for a while, but things are likely going to get busier soon. 2007 is nearly over, and 2008 is a big election year. As part of our homeschooling, Soccer Dad and I will be doing a unit with the girls on how a president is elected in America. I’ve got a book (left over from my public school teaching days), and God knows we’ll have plenty to do with the unit from TV and the internet, as well as old-fashioned print media. We’ll probably work a little bit in about opinion versus fact (great lessons can be learned on this topic when you are discussing politics in the news), and we’ll probably even ask them to make a platform that conforms to Catholic teachings.

This unit will not be strictly secular, which is what the book intends, but will clearly incorporate our Catholic faith. One thing we’ll have to talk about is the Church’s teaching that we don’t drop our faith at the door of our jobs. Soccer Dad has his own examples of living his faith and beliefs out even when it’s not easy. (His company helps support JDRF, and because of the research they support using human embryos, he does not take part in any of the events that have to do with it. His boss knows why and doesn’t push it, and he is generally quiet about it unless specifically asked, at which point he is clear about his reasons for not supporting them.)

I, too, have examples in my own life of when I have had to choose between what “everyone is doing/supporting” and my faith. Being a Catholic in good standing is much more important to me than being popular.

A big lesson that will wind up coming out of this, I’m sure, is that what is right is not necessarily easy. This is not an easy lesson to learn, and there are plenty of adults in all walks of life who have yet to learn it. Just look at the Catholics who say things like “I abhor abortion” and then support every law in favor of unrestricted abortion and donate money to Planned Parenthood. Or people who say that they don’t support embryonic stem cell research unless it’s being done on embryos that are going to be destroyed in IVF clinics. (As if only certain babies deserve to live.) Or people who generally support the idea that contraception is a sin, but then want to try to “help” me by justifying my own sin of getting my tubes tied. (I feel a constant need to repent for that one, and it is probably the biggest regret of my life. I do not want anyone to try to make me “feel better” by making it seem as though it’s not a sin because I had hyperemesis.)

Anyway, I apologize for the general lack of activity going on here as of late, but trust me, it will be busy soon enough. Plenty will be going on next year, and that’s going to be here sooner than you think. (As Wal Mart reminded me yesterday by their signage, there are only 53 days left until Christmas.) In the meantime, I am holding to the idea that it is still too early to discuss the presidential race, especially since tomorrow I am expected to vote for someone for state senate. Easier said than done, I tell you.




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