Posted by: Christine Johnson | November 30, 2007

Quick Reminder Before the Weekend

I am going to attempt to do some school today with the girls, as well as a big helping of home economics (AKA baking cookies). I’ll probably be posting pictures of the cookies on Domestic Vocation later on, so be sure to click over and check if I’ve done so.
In the meantime, I wanted to pause for a word from our sponsors.
I’ve got two (yes, two) Cafe Press stores. One is strictly Pro Life, the other is kind of artsy – pictures I’ve taken on notecards, etc.

Also, I’ve got some eBay listings that have less than four days. There are some really excellent conservative books up for sale at super-low prices. A couple of them aren’t that well-known, but are excellent nonetheless. And, this will be your last chance at a few (Coulter, Reed, Limbaugh) before I just donate them somewhere. (When I dig out my Christmas decorations, I might be coming up with more books of the fictional variety. Kind of like those Nicholas Sparks and Jan Karol books I’ve got up.)
Anyway, if you have a moment, please have a look-see. Thanks in advance, and I now return you to your regular reading.




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