Posted by: Christine Johnson | November 30, 2007

Red District Voter Blues

I tell you what, politics are downright depressing.

Hillary plants questions in the audience at her “town hall” style rallies.

CNN allows for Democratic operatives to pose as undecided Republicans (including someone who works for Hillary Clinton!) and ask questions at the GOP YouTube debate.

The Virginia GOP wants me to sign a loyatly oath to vote in the primaries, promising to vote for whatever Republican gets the nod from the national party. (Guess what? I won’t do it.)

I have serious reservations with most of the GOP candidates at this point – flip-flopping on Pro Life issues, supporting torture, not willing to support a Pro Life amendment or the Pro Life plank in the GOP platform, supporting gay “marriage”, being anti-gun, etc – and I have no idea if this party is, indeed, everything I hoped it was when I became a Republican.

I’m not a shill for the GOP. I happen to agree with most of the platform for the party. They are Pro Life. They are for lower taxes. (For everyone, mind you, not just people who are poor.) They are in favor of personal responsibility. They don’t have reservations about loving America. They don’t walk around saying things like “Chimpy McBushitler knew about 9-11 and blew up the towers because steel doesn’t melt and become weak at 20,000 degrees.”

But the idea that it’s okay to torture someone is not a part of the Culture of Life. When someone says that they oppose abortion and research on embryos, yet says that it’s okay to torture someone, then they are being inconsistent. And they play right into the stereotype that Pro Lifers don’t care about people who are born; they only care for fetuses.

This is untrue. But when you support torture, you are saying that one life is not as worthwhile as another. Hurting someone (Fifth Commandment, anyone?) is not allowed, even if you are trying to do something good in the end. Good intentions are not enough. We all know what the road to Hell is paved with.

And so I am really at a crossroads here. The big question is this:

Will I remain a Republican – the party of Lincoln and Reagan – when the nominee is announced?

I’m afraid to say that if Rudy Guiliani is the GOP nominee, the answer is going to be a resounding NO. If the party that has officially been Pro Life turns its back on the weakest members of society, the unborn, then I will leave that party and become an Independent again.

And I will vote third party, because I cannot justify voting for someone who is Pro Abortion just because it’s for “the greater good.” If enough people voted their consciences, we wouldn’t have nearly the split we might if Pro Lifers hold their noses and vote for a Pro Abortion, Pro Gay “Marriage”, Anti Gun, socially liberal Guiliani.

Soccer Dad and I will be putting together a unit that will last all of next year. We’re going to talk about how presidents get elected. I’ve got a book left over from my public school days, and I’ll use that combined with field trips, news-watching, and other resources to help my girls understand how the political system works. But the overarching theme will remain how we vote according to what the Church teaches is right. Even when it’s hard to do.

It’s going to be a great lesson for all of us, and I’ll share it with you here. That will be the way I cover the election next year, though I will still talk about my views on what’s happenning.

Stay tuned, all.

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