Posted by: Christine Johnson | January 3, 2008

He Wants Our Vote

It’s Caucus Day in Iowa!

But this is, by far, the best “vote for me” commercial I’ve seen this year.

I’m not a Raptors fan, and I’m not a Chris Bosh fan, but this was hysterical!

In actual election news, the girls and I have started to discuss the election. Seems I might pull out the Constitution to discuss what it says about elections so they can understand it. I’m gathering resources from the internet, too. Fortunately, there is a lot out there. Unfortunately, the stuff for Little Girl’s age group (first grade) is woefully simple. I will most likely be using stuff that one site thinks is good for sixth grade. For Little Girl. For Big Girl, I might be using stuff geared for middle school.

Honestly, they ask so little of children! It’s as if they … oh, wait! I know! They teach to the lowest denominator! Forgot. Silly me. I’ve been out of public school way too long. 😉

Anyway, last night, we talked about delegates and conventions, then touched on primaries. I’ll craft a more detailed post on our topics of discussion last night after our dentist appointment.




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