Posted by: Christine Johnson | January 9, 2008

New Hampshire

Regular Guy Paul has his thoughts on last night’s primary here. It’s an excellent summary of things, and much better than I’ll be able to do on that level of depth simply becuase I refused to pay attention until January. (Do you realize that people were announcing their intent to run for president in 2006?!?!?)

Jay Anderson also pointed out this post over at The Blue Boar blog, which labels Obama as “Moloch‘s biggst fan.” Oooohhh … clever! (Be sure to click that Moloch link to read about the statue in that picture. You can also read about Moloch here.)

Now on to my personal thoughts, which, as I said, are not as in-depth as many others. (I would highly recommend keeping up with The Anchoress this year. She’s already got a heckuva post up on the New Hampshire primary.)
I am not surprised too much by Clinton winning, to tell the truth. Of course, it’s a sad thing when the Democrats send out mailings accusing each other of not being pro abortion enough. How much more depressing can it get than people trying to prove that they are more in favor of killing unborn human beings? Those in favor of abortion actually have no reason to fear Obama, of course. He has a perfect score from Planned Parenthood from his days in the Illinois legislature. He even voted against legislation that would require doctors and nurses to give medical attention to a child who survives an abortion. (Best of the Web even commented on that here; see fifth item.)

I told Soccer Dad last night that I believe if the primaries continue to have the Clinton-Obama scenario in the top two spots, we’ll see that as a ticket in November. (I actually said that to him some time last year, too.) Wait and see. Then we’ll get the people who vote for Clinton because “it’s time for a woman to be president” (never mind whether or not she’d be a good president) and who vote for Obama because “it’s time for a black man to be president” (because, as Andrew Sullivan talked about on The Colbert Report, it’s more important to judge him on the color of his skin than the content of his character – see below for video of him discussing this from Monday’s show).

As far as the GOP goes, we’ll be looking into their positions on key issues this week. Instead of looking at just Democrats yesterday, we just looked at how everyone views abortion. (Thanks, Jay, for the excellent summary you gave; I used that with the girls.) So we’ll choose another topic and see how they line up on those, as well. We will continue to look at the people who finish high in the primaries, since those are the people we’ll likely have to choose from in mid-February when our primary comes up. (We are after Super Tuesday – February 5 – when we’ll probably see people drop out left and right. Well, maybe not Dennis Kucinich. He’s a bit out-there.)

I am keeping in mind that no politician is perfect. No candidate will be 100% everything I want. But I must be a Catholic first! I must look at the issues that deal with intrinsically evil acts (abortion, embryo research, torture, homosexual “marriage”) and be sure that the candidate I vote for does not support these things. These carry much more weight to them than anything else, and that includes homeschooling rights, the death penalty, and tax breaks for all tax payers. It is vital that we have a president who will appoint justices who do not find imaginary rights to abortion and such in the Constitution! The first step in turning around laws that allow for the wholesale killing of the unborn is to overturn Roe v. Wade. After that, we can work state-by-state to overturn those laws. But it’s going to be a long, hard slog. And when Roe is overturned, abortion will not go away automatically (no matter what pro aborts tell you). It will still be legal, and probably will be for a very long time in states like California and New York.

By the way, do you think that the candidates in the above video realize that no matter who wins in November, we will be changing presidents in January 2009? It’s all going to change!


[image source – NH map]

[image source – GOP picture]

[image source – Democrat picture]


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